A Message from the Executive Director

A TRIBUTE TO OUR VOLUNTEERS TO THE DEDICATED HEARTS OF HYACINTH’S HEROES Mika, Kathy, Emmanuel, Mollie, Glenda, Darren Pauline, Rose, Allison,Mateo, Joi, Caryl, Kweku, Beth, Laura, Charles, Tamarah, Janika, Anna, Benjamin, Maireni, Quantina Our volunteers are a very special breed. They have stepped in and gave unstintingly to Hyacinth’s when they recognized the need.   […]

Measuring Success

  When Ms. V speaks to you her entire persona is serious.  However, her every word is what can easily be understood as “dry humor”.  She has a gift.  You cannot be in her presence without having an extremely serious and hilariously funny conversation.  You will be the only one laughing. There are so many days […]