Hyacinth’s Place is a plan to a solution.  It is an idea developed over a period of six years. It now stands tall, beautiful and real at 1060 Bladensburg Road in Northeast Washington DC.  Hyacinth’s Place is fifteen furnished efficiency units.  It is a supportive housing program for women who are homeless or at risk for homelessness and who also have a mental health diagnosis.  

Homelessness can happen to the best of us and in the wink of an eye.  It does not necessarily take abuse of illegal substances or a hereditary gene to produce a diagnosis of mental illness.  Without notice, an unfortunate incident/accident can render us incapable of normal brain function.  If per chance, the wheel of misfortune spins in our direction, we would want a warm safe home with the support services that would allow us to function to the best of our capability, we would want a second chance, we would want a “Hyacinth’s Place.”

According to recent statistics, in the District of Columbia, on any given day, there are over 14,000 homeless individuals. The dynamics that bring an individual to the place of homelessness varies, and in many cases mental illness is a contributing factor.  The women of Hyacinth’s Place are offered an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Our staff work conscientiously with each individual to identify those issues that rendered them homeless. Residents receive the clinical attention and education needed to address their mental health condition.  Life goals that are identified are scrutinized for practicality, for support and for achievement. 

I ask for your support in this extraordinarily challenging endeavor.  Please visit our website at www.Hyacinth’s.org. to follow and support our work.

Thank you and God Bless.

Urla Barrow

Chief Executive Officer.