Our Mission

African American woman sits and thinks

"We have the know-how in the world to house everyone. We have the resources in the world to house everyone. All that's missing is the WILL to do it." - Millard Fuller, Hyacinth's Place

Our mission is to provide supportive services and safe, affordable housing to women who are homeless and living with a mental health diagnosis.

Hyacinth’s Place is a 15-unit studio style permanent, affordable housing program with comprehensive therapeutic and social re-integration services. The four-story 9,228 square foot development contains 15 residential studios, complete with individual bathrooms and kitchenettes. The program's design also allows for group activities, offices for staff, and laundry facilities. The design incorporates green building principles in alignment with the regenerative spirit in which the project was imagined. The intent of the project is to create an environment where women can work and live together in a place which nurtures and supports their recovery.


How it works?

Tenant Selection

Tenants selected to live in Hyacinth’s Place will be referred from DC Department of Behavioral Health and local Community Service agencies. Potential residents will have to meet funding criteria regarding mental health diagnosis and income level. It is anticipated that some of the residents who have a history of homelessness will have negative affects on their credit scores, employment status and rental history, which makes this project unique as compared with the leasing process at a more typical rental community.

A Woman's Journey