Goodbye COHHO: Reflections on Being a Part of D.C.’s Coalition of Housing and Homeless Organizations

Yesterday marked the final meeting of the Coalition of Housing and Homeless Organizations. After Hyacinth’s Place became a member this year, COHHO quickly became a valuable resource and enriching experience for us. We’re going to miss being a part of it. The Coalition of Housing and Homeless Organizations (COHHO) is a partnership that for 25 years has brought together […]

Why We Joined the Way Home Campaign

We’re happy to announce that this week, Hyacinth’s Place signed onto the Way Home Campaign. It’s an alliance of more than 3,500 individuals and over 40 organizations and businesses who have pledged to support a roadmap that will end chronic homelessness in the District by 2016. According to the campaign’s website, on any given night in the District, there are nearly 1,800 […]

10 Reasons to Support Hyacinth’s Place on #GivingTuesday, According to My Friend Andrea’s Cats

                  This weekend, I sat down with my friend Andrea’s four cats to get their take on Giving Tuesday. After a long discussion about our mission and their priorities, they resoundingly agreed that Hyacinth’s Place will be their charity of choice tomorrow. Here’s why, in their own […]

Seven Ways You Can Support Hyacinth’s Place on #GivingTuesday

Black Friday…Cyber Monday…Giving Tuesday! December 2 is #Giving Tuesday, a movement to kick off the holiday season by celebrating community and generosity.  On this international day of giving, families, congregations, businesses, volunteers, and many others join together to support charities that are working to strengthen communities and help those who are less fortunate.  Coming on the heels of Black […]

Let’s Talk About the Connection Between Homelessness and Domestic Violence: Five Reasons Survivors Become Homeless

The statistics are there: domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness in women.* Sadly that probably doesn’t surprise most people. But what if you ask why? Like, really, specifically, why? Someone’s immediate response might be that when survivors have to leave their homes, it’s often fast. Often despite having no plans for their […]

Not just your therapist’s office: six untapped professions that should sit at the mental-health table

Mental Illness Awareness Week energized advocates, engaged new supporters, and started important conversations about stigma and recovery. It also was an opportunity to explore the actors that often don’t—but should—play a role in how we’re addressing mental illness in this country. “Awareness” includes spreading the word about what mental illness means, how it affects individuals’ […]

The Tragedy of Depression, the Fallacy of Willpower, and the Celebration of a Life

A large portion of the public response to Robin Williams’ heartbreaking suicide has been bewilderment: how was he depressed? He was so successful. He was so energetic. He had so much to live for. He was depressed because depression is an illness.  Like cancer or heart disease, it doesn’t just go away if you’re beloved or talented […]

Our Testimony on the Housing Production Trust Fund

During the whirlwind budget season, we were hard at work fighting for programs that are important to Hyacinth’s Place. As part of our advocacy, we provided testimony in front of City Council’s Economic Development Committee.

Dana, a Hyacinth’s Place resident, and Urla, our executive director, testified in favor of the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF). Here are both of their remarks: