Let’s Talk About the Connection Between Homelessness and Domestic Violence: Five Reasons Survivors Become Homeless

The statistics are there: domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness in women.* Sadly that probably doesn’t surprise most people. But what if you ask why? Like, really, specifically, why? Someone’s immediate response might be that when survivors have to leave their homes, it’s often fast. Often despite having no plans for their […]

Not just your therapist’s office: six untapped professions that should sit at the mental-health table

Mental Illness Awareness Week energized advocates, engaged new supporters, and started important conversations about stigma and recovery. It also was an opportunity to explore the actors that often don’t—but should—play a role in how we’re addressing mental illness in this country. “Awareness” includes spreading the word about what mental illness means, how it affects individuals’ […]