What is the Behavioral and Therapeutic Service Program?

Behavioral and Therapeutic Services Program (BTSP) is the cornerstone for our supportive services. The basic foundation of BTSP is an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that outlines goals to be achieved while housed at Hyacinth’s Place. Activities in which to be involved are related to issues identified by the resident that have resulted in their homelessness. Prepared by a Licensed Social Worker, ISPs are the guiding tool to assist a woman in the rehabilitation process. This format allows our staff to link residents with resources available in the wider community, work closely with other Providers, and monitor progress as it relates to identified goals.

Medication Education

A Licensed Practical Nurse educates consumers on the various types of medication and their purpose. They are taught about side effects and the purpose of specific medications. They learn about signs of de-compensating and they are empowered through education to discuss their medication regime with their psychiatrist.

Substance Abuse Education

In this portion of the program, popular street drugs are discussed. Staff explains the effect of these drugs on the body, particularly the brain. Consumers are educated on its short and long term effects on their health, There is emphasis on nutrition and general rebuilding of body, mind and soul. In addition the effects on the family when abusing these drugs are discussed. This workshop is interactive and audio-visuals are widely utilized.

Financial Management

Residents/Consumers are taught about

They are also educated about aspects of Social Security Disability Insurance and benefits for which they may qualify because of their financial and mental health condition. This is a very interactive process where there are activities such as taste tests of popular products from a “high end” vs. a basic community supermarket.