Mental Illness and COVID19

Over the past year, simply hearing the word “COVID,” evoked fear, anxiety, stress, visions of hospitalization, isolation and possibly death. Now imagine…already struggling with trauma, depression, and paranoia, all the factors that characterize mental illness. This is the challenge for the women of Hyacinth’s Place, during these uncertain times. Similar to many, adjustments to the “new normal” required rapid pivots and innovation. These challenges brought out the best in the staff in spite of curfews and restrictions. Our staff at Hyacinth’s Place, recognizing the critical need for support to the residents during these frightening times, did not waver. With support from our Board of Directors, they suppled PPE on a consistent basis and encouraged their friends and family to do the same. As we progress beyond the initial shock of this pandemic, we have learned many lessons to fight whatever this disease produces in the months ahead. Our policies will continue as necessary, in keeping with the CDC requirements and the effects of congregate living. We also recognized the need to propel the organization and our residents into the virtual world of communication.

Many thanks and appreciation to the individual donors who financially assisted us during this transition. We invite you to learn more about our work and to partner with us supporting women facing homelessness with a mental diagnosis.