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Discover for yourself the impact of Hyacinth’s Place on the women we serve. Read the personal stories of a few women who benefited from safe, affordable housing with therapeutic support that helped them on the road to recovery, restoration, and independent living.
Note: Names have been changed to maintain the women’s privacy.


Presidential Award Recipient

A tiny woman standing before the team of Interviewers was neatly dressed in the uniform of a popular international grocery store chain. Her appearance belied her situation. She was homeless, seeking housing with a diagnosis of severe depression, bi-polar disorder, and a history of substance abuse. She was released from prison six months prior, after serving 15 years of a twenty- five-year sentence for murder. Within five minutes into the interview, tears began to flow as she explained the story or rather the tragedy of her life…

Bee Bee

Separation to Reconciliation

I am a twin. My brother lives in Baltimore and I have two sisters.Both my sisters work for the federal government. My mother worked at a hospital and my father passed away when I was 18 years old. We were raised in a big white house in Southeast DC. I also had three children taken away from me by the system. I have a 29 year-old daughter who is a registered nurse living out West with her military husband. And I have a son employed at the Post Office. I had to be very grown-up when my younger sister was born because I had to take care of her…


Trauma to Wedding Bells

Carmen, a 36-yearold, rich mahogany complexion woman, interviewed for a residence at Hyacinth’s Place straight from an area shelter where she lived for over a year. Prior to housing, she was on the streets. Carmen contracted meningitis at six months old which left her deaf and mute upon recovery. She came with several mental and medical diagnoses: border line mental retardation, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, substance abuse, and HIV…

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